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  • It's not hard to understand why A-List Celebrities struggle to find appropriate coverage from traditional carriers - varying & large incomes, unconventional occupational duties, frequent travel, etc. - but these insufficiencies (aka opportunities) are much more widespread than what immediately comes to mind. Take for example the individuals who scout set locations in foreign countries or the popular author whose been contractually advanced a six-figure payday for their new book; each potential client in this industry comes with their own particular risk profile and insurance need, requiring specialized products and exceptional industry knowledge - which is where IDU comes in!

  • Whether the coverage required be for an event, short-term travel exposure, protection from a temporary or career ending disability, or for contract protection from death and/or disability, IDU can furnish the solution.

  • Types of Coverage

    • Income Protection
    • Key Person Disability
    • Contract Guarantee
    • Contractual Protection Insurance
    • Death, Disgrace & Disability
    • High Limit Accidental Death
    • Event Cancellation
  • Key Features

    • Policy Terms from 1 year up to 5 years
    • Available Benefits Structures
      • Monthly - Temporary Total Disability
      • Lump Sum - Permanent Total Disability
      • Combination Monthly + Lump Sum
      • Death Benefits
    • Standard Elimination Periods: 60 to 365 days
    • Monthly Benefit Periods from 12 to 120 months
    • 3rd Party or Personally Owned Coverage Options
    • Own Occupation Definition of Disability
      • Insured is unable to perform the substantial & material duties of their occupation*
    • Flexible Premium Payment Options
    • Creative Underwriting
    • Group or Individual Accidental Death
  • Target Markets

    • Actors / Performers
    • Authors / Writers / Journalists
    • Directors / Producers
    • Music Industry Professionals
    • Film & Theater Industry
    • Agents & Business Managers
    • Event Promotors
    • Venue Operators
  • Monthly Benefit Overview

    Once the Elimination Period has been satisfied, the monthly benefits will begin and are paid out until the Benefit Period has been exhausted or Temporary Total Disability ends, whichever the sooner. *

  • Lump Sum Benefit Overview

    Considered a career ending benefit, the Lump Sum is triggered by the Permanent Total Disability of the Insured, meaning they are not expected to recover or return to work. The benefit is paid out either following the exhaustion of the monthly benefit or once Elimination Period has been satisfied. *

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

    Lump Sum benefits paid on scale for loss of life or limb due to an Accident Only with ability to include Temporary (weekly benefit) and/or Permanent Total Disability (lump sum benefit) coverage. *

  • Contractual Protection

    Catastrophic Death Benefit product for 3rd party contractual needs with coverage for death any cause and ability to include Permanent Total Disability, all benefits paid as a lump sum. *

*Summary language reflecting product definitions, not exact replica of Policy Wording



    Musician receives a contract to appear on a reality talent show and seek to protect his income in the event of a disability. Contractual income as well as historical income used to provide $200,000 per month of Disability coverage for 5 years.

    A new, popular Musician receives a contract to appear on a reality talent show which will bring in a seven-figure payday. In order to protect this contractual income as well as their historical earnings from performances and records, the Musician purchases a personal disability income protection policy with a monthly benefit of $50,000 paid out over 36 months, followed by a lump sum of $1,200,000. This policy, with a total aggregate of $3M, will protect the client in both the case of a temporary as well as a permanent, catastrophic disability.


    Entertainer with an extreme sport hobby seeks coverage in the event of his death as such would void their current contracts. 8 figures of Accidental Death coverage was placed specifically for participation in extreme sport hobby.

    A well-established Producer/Director with an extreme motorsports' hobby seeks additional coverage as their current Life Insurance policy does not cover for their racing activities. IDU was able to place a $15,000,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy specifically protecting the client from death or loss of limb arising from participation in motorsports.


    Production Studio has a top-rated television show. Disability insurance purchased on the writing team that would pay the studio a benefit to cover lost revenues as well as to rehire in the instance of a disabling event

    A Production Studio has just renewed a top-rated TV show for a second season when they are advised to insure their key writers as well as the star of the show. In order to protect their investment, the Studio takes out key person policies on the writers for $2,000,000 each and a $10,000,000 policy on the star.


    Entertainer negotiated in her contract continuing performance payments even in the event of her disability. Studio purchased coverage to reimburse them for any payment made to entertainer pursuant to a disability under her contract.

    An acclaimed Motivational Speaker negotiated in their contract continuing performance payments even in the event of disability. In turn the Event Company purchases lump sum coverage to reimburse payments made should the Speaker become permanently totally disabled and unable to complete the tour.


    Company financed a project via a loan and payments were due quarterly for the following 5 years. Coverage purchased by lender that reimburses the outstanding balance of the loan in case of the death or disability of the lendee.

    An Independent Entertainment Company is financing a new film for which they need to secure a loan, however the lending agency is requiring disability protection on the guarantor for the full 5 years of the term. IDU provides Loan Indemnity Insurance which will payout a monthly benefit that covers both the monthly repayment amount as well as interest charged. Since the benefit period and total aggregate reduces over the term of the policy, premiums also shrink, mirroring the ongoing payment of the loan.


    Publishing company had a contract with a politician for production of a series of books. Contract fronted 7 figures of payment in consideration of politician delivering completing the books. Insurance purchased by publishing company indemnifying them in the event that politician dies before flfilling his contractual obligation.

    A Publishing Company contracts a politician for production of a series of books for which they are fronting a seven-figure payment. The Company purchases IDU's Contractual Protection Insurance indemnifying 100% of the contract in the event that the politician passes away before fulfilling their obligation.

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