Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Our Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Program

  • Usually when one hears the phrase 'Kidnap and Ransom' they instantly think of a favorite action movie scene, but the reality is much more emotionally, financially and potentially physically damaging. When individuals and groups are traveling and operating in high-risk areas around the world, they can be more vulnerable to security risks, threats and extortion.

  • The Kidnap & Ransom Product provided by IDU is designed to not only reimburse expenses associated with Kidnapping, but more importantly, return the victim(s) back to safety as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Clients will have greater peace of mind knowing that should an abduction occur their K&R Policy includes a dedicated team specializing in handling ransom negotiations and vital security measures.

  • Protection Against

    • Assault
    • Child/Adult Abductions
    • Extortion
    • Hijacks
    • Hostage Situations
    • Kidnapping
    • Threats
    • Unlawful Incarcerations
    • Death or Dismemberment
  • Key Features

    • Policy Terms
    • Worldwide Coverage
    • Crisis & Negotiation Team Resource
    • Net ascertained loss indemnity based on revenues or expenses
    • Reimbursement for Expenses Related to
      • Travel & Accommodation Costs
      • Psychiatric & Medical Care
      • Reward & Ransom Money
      • Security Measures
      • Financial Loss
      • Legal Advice
      • And More!
  • Target Markets

    • Missionaries
    • Individuals, Families & Groups Traveling Abroad
    • Companies with Sensitive Cyber Information
    • Educational Institutions
    • Volunteers Working Abroad
    • High Profile Professionals & Entertainers

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