Athlete Insurance

Our Athlete Insurance Program

  • For Sports Coverage, the market may be extremely broad, but the essential risks are very similar: a high-performing athlete suffering an injury or sickness that prevents them from competing and in turn jeopardizes their contracts and/or earnings; while the nature of these risks may be similar each individual client has their own unique needs and profiles that require specialist insurance knowledge to protect.

  • IDU is especially equipped to provide the consultative expertise these sensitive, high-profile cases necessitate. Whether the loss at risk - for example - be that of defaulting on an off-season loan agreement, a new contract negotiation post free-agency status, or an indemnification against a career ending disability, the IDU Team utilizes their creativity, proficiency and experience to implement all forms of athlete protection insurance.

  • Types of Coverage

    • Draft Protection
    • Temporary Disability
    • Permanent Disability
    • Contract Guarantee
    • Future Contract Valued
    • Death, Disgrace & Disability
  • Target Markets

    • Top Round Draft Picks
    • Coaches
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Miscellaneous/Extreme Sports
  • Key Features

    • Standard Policy Terms of 1 Year
      • Exceptions made depending on need and profile
    • Limits up to and above $50M
    • Benefits Structures
      • Monthly - Temporary Total Disability
      • Lump Sum - Permanent Total Disability
    • Standard Elimination Periods: 90 to 365 days or longer
    • 3rd Party, Team or Personally Owned Coverage Options
    • Own Occupation Definition of Coverage

Our Athlete Insurance Program

IDU offers coverage to athletes to protect their future contract value from decreasing due to a significant temporary disability and/or career ending disability. This includes Temporary Total Disability (TTD) as well as, Permanent Total Disability (PTD).

  • Monthly Benefits and Lump Sum Benefits

  • Specific to sports industry

  • Personal or team owned insurance

  • Current or future contract required

  • Elimination Periods of 1 year or less

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