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Our Buy Sell Insurance Program

  • While disability insurance protection for Buy Sell & Buy Out needs is not unheard of, it's unfortunately still a seriously underutilized and overlooked tool in business continuation planning. Regardless of the size of a company, the risk of one of the owners experiencing total disability could mean financial disaster not only for the remaining partner(s) and disabled person, but also the people who depend on them - their employees and family members.

  • The Buy Sell Disability Product from IDU can either layer on top of an existing policy or provide coverage from dollar one, ensuring funding for 100% of the contractual disability buyout needs

  • Domestic Market Shortfalls

    • Family owned businesses
    • Low Limits
    • Conservative Risk Approach
    • Owner Ages Above 60
  • Target Markets

    • Small & Family Owned Business
    • Corporate
    • Gray Collar
    • Law Partners
    • Accounting Firms
    • Medical Professionals
  • Key Features

    • Policy Terms up to 5 years
    • Benefits structured as either Monthly, Lump Sum or Combination Payouts
      • Aggregates equaling total business value and percentage of ownership
    • Own Occupation Definition of Disability
      • Insured is unable to perform the substantial & material duties of their occupation*
    • Elimination Periods: 60 to 365 days or longer
    • Monthly Benefit Periods: 12 to 60 months
    • Flexible Premium Payment Options
    • Requires copy of Buy Sell Agreement
    • Payout triggered by Total Disability and maintained by execution of contract regardless of recovery from Disability
  • Monthly Benefit Overview

    Once the Elimination Period has been satisfied, the monthly benefits will begin and are paid out until the Benefit Period has been exhausted or Total Disability ends, whichever the sooner. *

  • Lump Sum Benefit Overview

    Considered a career ending benefit, the Lump Sum is triggered by the Permanent Total Disability of the Insured, meaning they are not expected to recover or return to work. The benefit is paid out either following the exhaustion of the monthly benefit or once Elimination Period has been satisfied. *

*Summary language reflecting product definitions, not exact replica of Policy Wording

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