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Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)

IDU offers customized Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) plans for employer groups through our BenefitPlus™  
product, providing greater levels of protection for your clients. Plan designs are tailored to fit the organization's needs and group profile.

Flexible benefits at limits far above standard insurance carriers in monthly, lump sum, or combination options are available, and enrollment and communication is flexible, easy, and secure using IDU's Insight Platform.

BenefitPlus™ Demo Video

Contact us to schedule a demo or to get more information.

Overview of GSI Capabilities 

Product Highlights

  • Customizable plan design based on need and risk profile

  • Own Occupation definition of disability

  • Coverage is fully portable

  • Individual Consideration for employees of a US company working outside of the US.

  • Voluntary plans, 25+ eligible lives

  • Mandatory plans, 3+ eligible lives

GSI Requirements 

  • Group Census Data

  • Streamlined Application

  • Cause Only Underwriting

  • Individual Applications can be waived for Employer Paid programs

  • Insured working on full time basis

GSI Target Markets

  • Executives

  • Law Firms

  • Accounting Firms

  • Engineering Firms

Product Usages

  • Personal Income

  • Key Person

  • Other GSI Usages:

    • Buy Sell

    • Business Overhead Expense

    • Loan Indemnification

    • Accidental Death (AD/ADD)

Key Features

  • Policy Terms up to 5 years

  • Voluntary or Mandatory

  • Participation Plans

  • Creative Benefits Structures

    • Monthly

    • Lump Sum

    • Combo: Monthly + Lump Sum

  • Own Occupation Definition of Disability

  • Elimination Periods: 90, 180 & 365 days

  • Monthly Benefit Periods: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 & 120 months

  • Coverage Fully Portable

  • Standard Age Caps: 65, 67 & 70

  • Covered forms of compensation

    • Salary

    • Bonus/Commissions

    • K-1 Income

    • Restricted Stock Awards

  • Flexible Premium Payment Options

  • Applications Pre-filled based on census data

  • Minimum of 3 Lives

  • Transplant Benefit & Recovery Benefit

  • Waiver of Premium

  • Available Riders

    • Residual

    • COLA

GSI Case Study 

Business Consultation

Law Firm | 100 Partners | Income range from $750k to $5M

When reviewing their current disability benefits, the firm has determined that partners have between 5% - 30% of their income protected. To fill the gap in their coverage, the firm utilized IDU’s Insight Platform, where partners can voluntarily enroll in both a domestic non-can DI plan with UNUM and an IDU High Limit DI plan at the same time for a total aggregate benefit up to $6,000,000
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